Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CGS Irons / Wesztly Irons

CGS Irons
The CGS uses a 20 gram tungsten weight located low and directly behind the sweet spot to lower the center of gravity for a higher trajectory. Injected foam is placed on either side of the tungsten weight in the weight chamber to help filter out unwanted vibrations. Finished in a beautiful mirror polish with sand blasted score lines and cavity, the CGS also features moderate offset and a .250 inch top line to promote confidence at address. Customize a set for yourself and “Knock Down That Pin!”™

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Typhoon Cover

The Ultimate Rain-Cover for Your Golf Bag.1) Universal fit for dual and single strap bags, with or with out stands.2) Patented adjustments for quick fitting and removal.3) Unique rain-drain edge to prevent water entering your bag.4) Fastener around the neck and under bag stand for extra secure fitting.5) Large clear vinyl hood flap for quick and easy club selection.6) Guaranteed security from rain while walking or riding.7) The Typhoon Cover is made from a light weight, clear, durable vinyl. 8) Multi-purpose nylon bag for storage.Free shipping in the lower 48 states.cost; $24.95To purchase this item or any of the items we handle and use please please email at; tom@thecityvines.com

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Eiseles Golf Clip

Eiseles Golf Clip
Are you ready to rid yourself of the annoyances of maintaining all your golf utilities in your pocket? Do you find yourself on the green, searching your pockets for your divot tool, ball marker? Or do you simply refuse to fill your pockets and find yourself without a utility when needed? WE HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU---“THE EISELES ULTIMATE GOLF UTILITY CLIP” Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip was created with all golfers in mind; your concentration should be on the game and there should be no discomfort when taking a swing because your pockets are full with divots, balls etc. Let the Eiseles Clip take care of it all. It is a perfectly designed leather clip that holds your extra ball, two tees, a divot tool, ball marker, and your golf glove. It is truly the Ultimate Golf Utility Clip! Eiseles Clip is hand crafted and designed so that golfers will not even realize they are wearing a clip on their Hip. This Leather clip bends around your hip and Does Not Interfere with your golf swing at all. That's right, it is extremely lightweight and the Eiseles clip sits perfectly around your Hip by clipping either to your belt or your pants. Because the clip is made of leather, it will form comfortably to each individual's Hip. This utility clip will make your golf game complete. As a golfer, you are now finally able to have access to all the utilities while playing by using the Eiseles
Free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Cost; $24.95
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Wesztly Double - U Irons


The Double - U Irons is a "double undercut" minimal offset design, finished in a beautifully rich satin polish finish. The Double - U places extra mass right behind the sweet spot for solid feeling on center hits. The bar, running from toe to heel, creates the double undercut. The cavity on either side of the extra mass makes the club head more forgiving on off center hits while the bar sraw the center of gravity deeper into the club head and increase the MOI, making the club more stable and easier to get the ball airborne. Unlike many "wide sole" undercut designs, the double -u sets up with a look perferred by better players with a thinner top line, straight leading edge, and minimal offset. The double -U combines modern playability, forgiveness, and classic good looks giving you the confidence the "Knock Down That Pin"

Cost $499.00 plus $30.00 shipping. to order or for information please e mail us at; tom@thecityvines.com
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crescent Putter

The revolutionary design of the crescent putter consisently places the face of the putter square to your intended line providing you more consistency in your putting. Instead of you needing to think so much about every shot, the Crescent Putter does the hard work for you, which results in a lower score.

With the Crescent Putter in your hand, you'll quickly discover that it's well balanced style and convex technology will compensate for any error in shoulder rotation or club misalignment this isn't theory, it's science.

Think about how many putts you've missed because of over thinking, nervous movements or other distractions that caused you to turn your shoulder or the putter face. Now, image how many more putts make when all those things are no longer an obstacles because you've got your Crescent Putter with you.

Cost; $129.99 / free shipping in the lower 48 states. to order or for more information e mail; tom@thecityvines.com
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