Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crescent Putter

The revolutionary design of the crescent putter consisently places the face of the putter square to your intended line providing you more consistency in your putting. Instead of you needing to think so much about every shot, the Crescent Putter does the hard work for you, which results in a lower score.

With the Crescent Putter in your hand, you'll quickly discover that it's well balanced style and convex technology will compensate for any error in shoulder rotation or club misalignment this isn't theory, it's science.

Think about how many putts you've missed because of over thinking, nervous movements or other distractions that caused you to turn your shoulder or the putter face. Now, image how many more putts make when all those things are no longer an obstacles because you've got your Crescent Putter with you.

Cost; $129.99 / free shipping in the lower 48 states. to order or for more information e mail;
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