Friday, March 26, 2010

Wesztly Double - U Irons


The Double - U Irons is a "double undercut" minimal offset design, finished in a beautifully rich satin polish finish. The Double - U places extra mass right behind the sweet spot for solid feeling on center hits. The bar, running from toe to heel, creates the double undercut. The cavity on either side of the extra mass makes the club head more forgiving on off center hits while the bar sraw the center of gravity deeper into the club head and increase the MOI, making the club more stable and easier to get the ball airborne. Unlike many "wide sole" undercut designs, the double -u sets up with a look perferred by better players with a thinner top line, straight leading edge, and minimal offset. The double -U combines modern playability, forgiveness, and classic good looks giving you the confidence the "Knock Down That Pin"

Cost $499.00 plus $30.00 shipping. to order or for information please e mail us at;
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